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Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW 2021
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Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW 2021

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SKUSizeGear RatioWeightCapacityDrag, kg
TPSW5000XGCTPSW5000XGC6.2420 g0.37/150 mm/m13

Shimano TWIN POWER SW - Endless power!
Shimano creates true masterpieces and continues to delight millions of fishing enthusiasts around the world. The improved top series Shimano Twin Power SW is no exception. It is widely believed that in terms of performance Twin Power SW is comparable to Stella SW with the difference that the price is much more attractive!
Power fishing with big fish is no problem for the Twin Power SW, because each element and body are made of the strongest alloys used in Shimano reels. The HAGANE housing, combined with the HAGANE precision-turned gear, X-SHIP (enlarged crown) and the Silent Drive function, ensures maximum reel performance and at the same time incredible smoothness, lightness and a sense of perfection.
X-Shield and X-Protect protect the core of the Twin Power SW from the harmful effects of salt water and dirt. The powerful drag creates great braking power and ensures safe and controlled pulling even in heavier battles.
Of course, many other features are also integrated into this reel, like original Shimano S A-RB and INFINITY DRIVE safety bearings for easy rotor rotation.
The AR-C spool provides more accurate and longer casting with less entanglement. One Piece Bail - bail and roller, made of a monolithic piece of stainless steel - without edges and without weak points where the fiber can be attached or damaged.
Innovation and technology in Shimano Twin Power SW:
  • Hagane Body
  • Hagane Gear
  • X-Ship
  • Silent Drive
  • X-Shield
  • X-Protect
  • AR-C spool
  • One-Piece-Bail
  • S A-RB - stainless bearings
  • Infinity Drive
  • Heatsink Drag
Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW  2021

Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW 2021

€ 490.84 Out of Stock
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