Monofilament Trabucco  Trabucco T-FORCE XPS METHOD FEEDER - 150mMonofilament Trabucco Trabucco T-FORCE XPS METHOD FEEDER - 150m
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Monofilament Trabucco Trabucco T-FORCE XPS METHOD FEEDER - 150m

Brand: Trabucco Trabucco
Product Code: 053-96
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
053-96-180 0.18mm 150m 4.43kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 4.43kg 4.99€
053-96-200 0.20mm 150m 5.30kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 5.30kg 5.34€
053-96-220 0.22mm 150m 6.42kg Diameter: 0.22mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 6.42kg 5.85€
053-96-250 0.25mm 150m 7.95kg Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 7.95kg 6.00€
053-96-280 0.28mm 150m 9.07kg Diameter: 0.28mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 9.07kg 6.36€
053-96-300 0.30mm 150m 9.78kg Diameter: 0.30mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 9.78kg 6.51€
With its thousands of application options and amazing effectiveness, today the technique of the Method represents the zenith of Feeder fishing. The right line must be sinking, both to achieve the optimal alignment between the rod’s tip and feeder in a short time, and to minimize its invasiveness in water, an element of great disturbance for any fish. Moreover, it must offer the correct balance between sensitivity and stretch under load: the former enhances the bite indication at great distance, the second protects the hooklink from breakages. All of these factors are present in this monofilament, in addition to the exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance.

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