Monofilament Trabucco T-FORCE COMPETITION PROMonofilament Trabucco T-FORCE COMPETITION PRO
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Monofilament Trabucco T-FORCE COMPETITION PRO

Brand: Trabucco Trabucco
Product Code: 052-65
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
052-65-080 0.08mm 25m 0.86kg Diameter: 0.08mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 0.86kg $2.56
052-65-100 0.10mm 25m 1.45kg Diameter: 0.10mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 1.45kg $2.56
052-65-120 0.12mm 25m 2.10kg Diameter: 0.12mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 2.10kg $2.56
052-65-140 0.14mm 25m 2.80kg Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 2.80kg $2.56
052-65-160 0.16mm 25m 3.75kg Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 3.75kg $2.56
052-65-180 0.18mm 25m 4.60kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 4.60kg $2.56
052-65-200 0.20mm 25m 5.50kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 5.50kg $2.56
052-65-220 0.22mm 25m 6.95kg Diameter: 0.22mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 6.95kg $2.56
052-65-250 0.25mm 25m 8.40kg Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 8.40kg $2.56
052-65-300 0.30mm 25m 12.00kg Diameter: 0.30mm, Length: 25m, Breaking strength: 12.00kg $2.56
052-70-080 0.08mm 50m 0.86kg Diameter: 0.08mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 0.86kg $3.98
052-70-100 0.10mm 50m 1.45kg Diameter: 0.10mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.45kg $3.98
052-70-120 0.12mm 50m 2.10kg Diameter: 0.12mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.10kg $3.98
052-70-140 0.14mm 50m 2.80kg Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.80kg $3.98
052-70-160 0.16mm 50m 3.75kg Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 3.75kg $3.98
052-70-180 0.18mm 50m 4.60kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 4.60kg $3.98
052-70-200 0.20mm 50m 5.50kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 5.50kg $3.98
Clear dicroic monofilament, available in spools of 25 and 50 mts. Absolutely invisible in water, it has a great smoothness and very high knot strength. It is spooled with the new japanese style “parallel” that eliminates completely the torsion of the line during the production process, and allows the monofilament to a better flowing during the fishing action. It is ideal for making rigs and hook length, and because the special silicon treatment also for sea fishing. The package is made of an heavy shell that preserves the qualities of the line by the external agents.

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