Monofilament Trabucco SUPER ELITE FLUORINE - 50mMonofilament Trabucco SUPER ELITE FLUORINE - 50m
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Monofilament Trabucco SUPER ELITE FLUORINE - 50m

Brand: Trabucco Trabucco
Product Code: 058-58
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
058-58-080 0.08mm 50m 1.15kg Diameter: 0.08mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.15kg 4.53€
058-58-100 0.10mm 50m 1.70kg Diameter: 0.10mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.70kg 4.53€
058-58-120 0.12mm 50m 2.30kg Diameter: 0.12mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.30kg 4.53€
058-58-140 0.14mm 50m 3.35kg Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 3.35kg 4.53€
058-58-160 0.16mm 50m 4.29kg Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 4.29kg 4.53€
058-58-180 0.18mm 50m 5.38kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 5.38kg 4.53€
058-58-200 0.20mm 50m 6.50kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 6.50kg 4.53€
The Super Elite Fluorine is a Japanese monofilament that is made through an exclusive process that is actually able to mix deep into the matrix both nylon and fluorocarbon, thus creating a kind of hybrid that can take every advantage from both its components. It features a specific gravity superior to water and it is lower visible underwater than a plain nylon, but not as it can be a 100% fluorocarbon line. At the same time Fluorine is stronger than 100% fluorocarbon but a little weaker if compared to plain nylon.

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