Monofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50mMonofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50m
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Monofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50m Monofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50m

Monofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50m

Brand: Team Salmo Team Salmo
Product Code: 4915-0
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
4915-006 0.066mm 50m 0.40kg Diameter: 0.066mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 0.40kg 6.00€
4915-008 0.085mm 50m 0.67kg Diameter: 0.085mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 0.67kg 6.00€
4915-007 0.076mm 50m 0.53kg Diameter: 0.076mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 0.53kg 6.00€
4915-009 0.096mm 50m 0.79kg Diameter: 0.096mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 0.79kg 6.00€
4915-010 0.108mm 50m 1.05kg Diameter: 0.108mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.05kg 6.00€
4915-012 0.121mm 50m 1.31kg Diameter: 0.121mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.31kg 6.00€
4915-013 0.134mm 50m 1.53kg Diameter: 0.134mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.53kg 6.00€
4915-015 0.153mm 50m 2.05kg Diameter: 0.153mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.05kg 6.00€
4915-016 0.166mm 50m 2.36kg Diameter: 0.166mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.36kg 6.00€
The assortment of next generation fishing line includes minimal diameters; therefore it is well-suited for winter fishing. The line has special protective coating, due to which it has the following properties: it has high strength, does not interacts with water – does not lose its mechanical properties for a long time, retains its parameters in freezing temperatures and is practically invisible to the fish. The line is produced in Japan using raw materials of the highest quality and latest technologies.
  • high strength
  • high durability
  • perfectly calibrated and smooth surface
  • lengthy useful life
  • low residual “memory”

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