Monofilament Salmo GRAND RAIDER - 30mMonofilament Salmo GRAND RAIDER - 30m
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Monofilament Salmo GRAND RAIDER - 30m

Brand: Salmo Salmo
Product Code: 4911-0
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
4911-008 0.08mm 30m 0.85kg Diameter: 0.08mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 0.85kg 2.04€
4911-010 0.10mm 30m 1.40kg Diameter: 0.10mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 1.40kg 2.04€
4911-012 0.12mm 30m 1.70kg Diameter: 0.12mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 1.70kg 2.04€
4911-014 0.14mm 30m 2.50kg Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 2.50kg 2.04€
4911-016 0.16mm 30m 3.15kg Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 3.15kg 2.04€
4911-018 0.18mm 30m 3.80kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 3.80kg 2.04€
4911-020 0.20mm 30m 4.50kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 4.50kg 2.04€
A modern monofilament fishing line made of high-quality nylon. It is made at a specialized factory in Japan. A soft, transparent fishing line with low a stretch coefficient that ensures its high sensitivity and necessary elasticity. It is unreeled on spools of 30 m and 150 m. The fishing line is for all-season use and is very resistant to UV radiation.
  • high strength
  • high durability
  • perfectly calibrated
  • smooth and slippery surface
  • low residual “memory”
  • colorless fishing line
  • good “holding” knot

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