Monofilament Salmo ELITE MONO - 150mMonofilament Salmo ELITE MONO - 150m
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Monofilament Salmo ELITE MONO - 150m Monofilament Salmo ELITE MONO - 150m

Monofilament Salmo ELITE MONO - 150m

Brand: Salmo Salmo
Product Code: 4706-0
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
4706-014 0.14mm 150m 2.42kg Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 2.42kg 4.07€
4706-016 0.16mm 150m 2.97kg Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 2.97kg 4.07€
4706-018 0.18mm 150m 3.47kg Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 3.47kg 4.07€
4706-020 0.20mm 150m 4.40kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 4.40kg 4.07€
4706-022 0.22mm 150m 5.35kg Diameter: 0.22mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 5.35kg 4.07€
4706-025 0.25mm 150m 6.80kg Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 6.80kg 4.07€
4706-030 0.30mm 150m 7.92kg Diameter: 0.30mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 7.92kg 4.58€
4706-035 0.35mm 150m 11.45kg Diameter: 0.35mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 11.45kg 4.58€
A modern mono­ lament ­fishing line made of high-quality nylon. It is made at a specialized factory in Japan. The soft ­fishing line has faded aqua color. It has a low stretch coefficient, which ensures its high sensitivity and necessary contact when playing a fish. The fishing line is notable for its increased durability; it is ideal suits for spin fishing. It retains its positive properties all year round. Special processing has increased its resistance to UV radiation and long periods in water. It is unreeled on spools of 150 m.
  • high strength
  • increased durability
  • perfectly calibrated
  • smooth and slippery surface
  • low residual “memory”
  • aqua color

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