Monofilament Korda SUBline - 1000mMonofilament Korda SUBline - 1000m
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Monofilament Korda SUBline - 1000m Monofilament Korda SUBline - 1000m

Monofilament Korda SUBline - 1000m

Brand: Korda Korda
Product Code: KSUB1
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
KSUB10G 0.30mm 1000m 4.54kg/10lbs Diameter: 0.30mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 4.54kg/10lbs 32.48€
KSUB12G 0.35mm 1000m 5.45kg/12lbs Diameter: 0.35mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 5.45kg/12lbs 32.48€
SUBline carp mono has been specifically designed by Team Korda to cope with all extreme fishing requirements. We have tested lines for many years in our lab and SUBline has out performed all others in terms of toughness and knot strength. It is now the only choice when faced with heavy weed, snags or the abrasive terrain of gravel.
By using the latest line extrusion technology, SUBline exhibits outstanding suppleness with the stiff wiry feel often found on super tough reel lines. In addition to all this we have added a very dense material to the formula ensuring the line sinks exceptionally well. Available in the key, popular breaking strains with the addition of a 20lb version for dealing with extra heavy duty carping and European work - subtle green colour is available

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