Carp Monofilament K-Karp CAMOU 300 mCarp Monofilament K-Karp CAMOU 300 m
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Carp Monofilament K-Karp CAMOU 300 m Carp Monofilament K-Karp CAMOU 300 m

Carp Monofilament K-Karp CAMOU 300 m

Brand: K-Karp K-Karp
Product Code: R 198-10
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Diameter Strength Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
R 198-10-280 0.286 mm 9.07 kg Diameter: 0.286 mm, Strength: 9.07 kg 6.61€
R 198-10-330 0.331 mm 13.60 kg Diameter: 0.331 mm, Strength: 13.60 kg 7.88€
R 198-10-370 0.370 mm 15.87 kg Diameter: 0.370 mm, Strength: 15.87 kg 8.90€
198-11-280 0.286mm 600m 9.07kg Diameter: 0.286mm, Length: 600m, Breaking strength: 9.07kg 9.15€
198-11-330 0.331mm 600m 13.60kg Diameter: 0.331mm, Length: 600m, Breaking strength: 13.60kg 11.19€
198-11-370 0.370mm 600m 15.87kg Diameter: 0.370mm, Length: 600m, Breaking strength: 15.87kg 12.71€
Carp-Fishing specific line made by a special process that gives it 6 different tonal colours, which is therefore, the best camouflage now available on the market. Excellent abrasion resistance, very good knot strength and softness are the most important features. Ideal for mixed bottoms with weed/silt/ gravel etc as it blends perfectly.

Product characteristics

Type of FishingCarp Fisherman
Length300 m
Line TypeMonofilament

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