Jigging Lure Xesta SLOW EMOTION FLAP - 120gJigging Lure Xesta SLOW EMOTION FLAP - 120g
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Jigging Lure Xesta SLOW EMOTION FLAP - 120g

Brand: Xesta Xesta
Product Code: 17009740292
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Color Size Weight Image Price Quantity
8717009740584 44 ZL 10.4cm 120g Color: 44 ZL, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 15.16€
8717009741505 08 BPS 10.4cm 120g Color: 08 BPS, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 16.22€
8717009740292 07 BIW 10.4cm 120g Color: 07 BIW, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 16.22€
8717009744062 29 KPIW 10.4cm 120g Color: 29 KPIW, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 15.20€
8717009744075 51 ZLO 10.4cm 120g Color: 51 ZLO, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 15.16€
8717009744076 54 KZRGD 10.4cm 120g Color: 54 KZRGD, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 15.16€
8717009741507 42 ZKP 10.4cm 120g Color: 42 ZKP, Size: 10.4cm, Weight: 120g 16.22€
The Xesta Slow Emotion Flap is one of the best Japanese Lures for Slow Style Jigging available. It has a broad Teardrop shape, that corresponds to the slow system jigging, with an asymetrical curved top and a convex - almost Tunnel-hulled bottom. This lure is a centre-weighted Jig and is best fished on the retrieve with small inputs to the reel ranging from a half-turn to a full tun of the reel handle. Both actions - Slow Pitch and Long Fall - of the rod are equally effective as the Slow Emotion Flap mimics a wounded Baitfish with erratic movements and lots of flash on both the drop and the retrieve.
They are available in 4 weights and a wide range of colours with excellent holographic qualities.  

This bait is particularly used in a very specific type of fishing. It is elegant and fine, reaching great depths and attracting many different fish like Dentex, Amberjack, Red Snapper, Tuna, Barracuda, Swordfish and different types of Groupers. This has possibly been the most successful fishing technique in the Mediterranean Sea for the past two years. Many fishermen around the world have started to adapt to the "Slow Jig", which unlike "Speed Jig" does not require strong swinging of the pole and rapid reeling of the line. It incorporates smooth, calculated movements of the rod which like the multiplier should be a suitable model for "slow Jig".
Fishing at a depth of 60-70 meters requires jigs up to 120 grams, and a softer rod with the appropriate action is recommended. If it is deeper or in very strong current, the weight is from 150 to 250 grams with a stronger pole.
It is good to be fishing with a high-quality, multi-colored braided line on which you can measure depth. Diameters range from 1.75 to 3 on the Japanese scale. The thinner the line, the finer the moves of the jig, but if a big fish bites, the line might not hold, so everybody makes their own choice.

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