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Spinning Reel Shimano SEDONA FI
The beautifully designed Sedona FI is the lowest priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shi..
Ex Tax: 68.32€
Fishing Reel Shimano NASCI FB
  The Nasci FB sets new standards in the hugely popular P4 series. For the first time ever ..
110.30€ 107.20€
Ex Tax: 107.20€
Spinning Reel Penn CONFLICT II
The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, a Lightweight design (our lightest spinning reel e..
Ex Tax: 189.08€
Spinning Reel Shimano SAHARA FI
The new Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point. Incorp..
Ex Tax: 82.55€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia ORRA 2 S
ORRA 2 S Features: The next generation of Orra™ S spinning reels exemplifies sleek reel design..
Ex Tax: 84.89€
Fishing Reel Shimano STRADIC FK
STRADIC FK   The extremely durable Hagane gear in the Stradic FK provides excellent efficiency..
207.79€ 156.55€
Ex Tax: 156.55€
Spinning Reel Shimano SAHARA RD
The Sahara RD is the mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano qualit..
Ex Tax: 65.47€
Sea Reel Filstar BLACK SHADOW
Spinning reel suitable for both - salt- and freshwater fishing. 8 SSS ball bearings All bear..
Ex Tax: 61.20€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia OCEANFIELD 2500H - 2500SH
Abu Garcia OCEANFIELD SPINNING is a series of stable reels manufactured and designed for the Japan..
130.12€ 121.48€
Ex Tax: 121.48€
Saltwater Reel Shimano SOCORRO SW
The Socorro SW will appeal to the cost-conscious angler who does not want to compromise on the qua..
Ex Tax: 138.05€
Fishing Reel Filstar SALTMASTER
Spining reel for saltwater fishing. Specifications:  5 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing whi..
Ex Tax: 43.51€
Reel Mitchell BLUEWATER R
BLUEWATER R • Extra Strong Polymeric Body Material • Extra Strong Polymeric Spool Material • 1 ..
Ex Tax: 22.88€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO PREMIER SPIN
REVO PREMIER SPIN It starts with our advanced aluminum machined gear system that gives anglers ultr..
Ex Tax: 209.41€
Spinning Reel Shimano SPHEROS SW
​​​​​​   The Spheros SW is Shimano's entry level saltwater spinning reel and contains many..
174.34€ 174.34€
Ex Tax: 174.34€
Fishing Reel Shimano AERLEX XTB
The new Aerlex series is a tough reel fitted with Instant Drag designed for heavy duty work, whether..
120.97€ 110.14€
Ex Tax: 110.14€
Spinning Reel Shimano CAZNA FA
The Cazna FA front drags are quality spinning reels at affordable prices. With two models in 2500 ..
44.12€ 42.70€
Ex Tax: 42.70€
Spinning Reel Mitchell 498 Series
498 Series One year later than official 300 launch, another legendary reel is back. To guarantee it..
Ex Tax: 90.48€
Saltwater Reel Trabucco DAYTON SW
DAYTON SW Reels suitable for several fishing techniques both in fresh and salt waters. Despite the ..
Ex Tax: 21.86€
Reel Shimano ALIVIO FA
Whilst the cost of the Alivio FA range maybe very affordable the quality is definitely not cheap. ..
Ex Tax: 64.05€
AVOCAST BLACK EDITION • Greased felt multi-disc drag system - quick drag • One-touch aluminium han..
120.47€ 84.32€
Ex Tax: 84.32€
Surf Reel Trabucco ALIOTH SURF
New Surf Casting family featuring very good performance for a very interesting price point. The body..
Ex Tax: 76.25€
Spinning Reel Shimano BIOMASTER SW-A
      For anglers wanting a value for money salt water reel, the..
397.07€ 297.85€
Ex Tax: 297.85€
Spinning Reel Penn BATTLE II
BATTLE II With the same full metal body and drag system you trust, the NEW BattleII has been engi..
116.40€ 90.47€
Ex Tax: 90.47€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO STX
REVO STX SPIN Like its low profile counterpart, the Revo® STX spinning reel is built on a foundat..
Ex Tax: 161.13€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO ROCKET
REVO ® ROCKET The Revo ® Rocket spinning reel is designed to offer blazing fast retrieves allowin..
Ex Tax: 180.95€
Saltwater Reel Mitchell AVOCET SALT
AVOCET SALT The AVOCET SALT reels are dedicated to Saltwater applications. Stainless Steel bearings..
Ex Tax: 50.32€
Fishing Reel Shimano STRADIC CI4 PLUS FB
STRADIC CI4 PLUS FB   The totally renewed Stradic CI4+ can be considered to be a real treat fo..
231.27€ 173.83€
Ex Tax: 173.83€
Spinning Reel Tica SPINFOCUS SU
SPINFOCUS SU • SUS Ball Bearing precisioned in key areas throughout the reel • Fo..
99.63€ 95.05€
Ex Tax: 95.05€
Spinning Reel Penn SLAMMER III
The PENN Slammer III is back by popular demand. Built for heavy-duty fishing from either boat or sho..
Ex Tax: 211.24€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO SX
REVO SX The Revo® SX takes cutting edge design to the next level. By utilizing an Insert Molded C..
Ex Tax: 150.96€
Spinnig Reel Shimano NAVI 2016
The Shimano NAVI 16 is one of the budget reel series designed and perfectly suited for saltwater fis..
Ex Tax: 96.07€
Fishing Reel Shimano ULTEGRA XS-D
ULTEGRA XS-D   The Ultegra XS-D will immediatly catch the eye of the avid surf angler because ..
209.92€ 157.57€
Ex Tax: 157.57€
SURFBLASTER Designed and developed to achieve maximum casting distance when surf fishing, the Sur..
Ex Tax: 141.81€
Spinning Reel Shimano VANQUISH FA
VANQUISH FA The highly anticipated Vanquish sets a new standard in the lightweight front drag spi..
594.18€ 477.27€
Ex Tax: 477.27€
Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER XD
TWIN POWER XD Twin Power XD is developed for salt water spinning. The reel is made for 'rough' ..
362.20€ 271.93€
Ex Tax: 271.93€
Spinning Reel Shimano STELLA FJ
  Just perfect. This is the most exact definition that even the greatest critics would gi..
660.26€ 635.34€
Ex Tax: 635.34€
Spinning Reel Shimano SOARE Ci4 Plus
Compact design with emphasis on lightweight and high performance. This is the new series of Shim..
340.55€ 322.76€
Ex Tax: 322.76€
Spinning Reel Shimano SOARE BB
This is the budget version of the Shimano SOARE Ci4 + model. The main difference with the higher..
170.28€ 152.48€
Ex Tax: 152.48€
Spinning Reel Shimano EXSENCE BB
Exsense BB offers quality and performance typical for the top-class reels. The sensitive front d..
170.28€ 162.65€
Ex Tax: 162.65€
Spinning Reel Penn SPINFISHER VI
Spinfisher VI • IPX5 Sealed body and spool design • CNC Gear™ technology • HT-100™ carbon fiber d..
Ex Tax: 179.43€
Spinning Reel Mitchell 300 Series
300 Serie The Mitchell 300 was the first ever modern spinning reel. This iconic flagship for the Mi..
Ex Tax: 50.32€
Spinning Reel Daiwa 18 CALDIA LT
A standout reel in the Daiwa lineup since it was first introduced, the Caldia LT continues its..
Ex Tax: 187.56€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO X SPIN
REVO X SPIN Revo® trusted reliability and performance. Featuring the same forward-thinking design, ..
Ex Tax: 100.64€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia REVO S SPIN
REVO S SPIN Smooth performance meets unique design in the updated Revo® S spinning platform. Clas..
137.75€ 114.36€
Ex Tax: 114.36€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia ORRA 2 Inshore
ORRA 2 INSHORE Designed with the inshore angler in mind, the Orra™ Inshore incorporates an alum..
Ex Tax: 100.64€
Surf Reel Trabucco X-RIDE SURF
Not only Trabucco top of the range, but world class reels! X-Ride is a series specially developed fo..
Ex Tax: 141.81€
The Castforce Pro Surf is a long casting reel at a very nice price, designed and equipped as more ex..
Ex Tax: 98.10€
Spinning Reel Trabucco SWAT XS
The Trabucco team is developing since years a sophisticated project that gave birth to reels o..
167.74€ 137.23€
Ex Tax: 137.23€
Spinning Reel Trabucco MAXXIS SW GAME
Compact design, strong and reliable range of reels designed for saltwater fishing. The Xtra Tough Bo..
Ex Tax: 119.45€
Spinning Reel Trabucco EXCEED Spin 4000
EXCEED SPIN Strong excitement and epic battles with huge fish as well, are not at all exclusive t..
Ex Tax: 198.23€
Spinning Reel Tica TALISMAN TBAT
TALISMAN TBAT • 14 sealed precision stainless Rust Resistant Ball bearings. • Aluminiu..
239.91€ 231.27€
Ex Tax: 231.27€
Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW-B
TWIN POWER SW-B   The new Twin Power SW-B features a Shimano Hagane body and main gear with X-..
525.05€ 393.91€
Ex Tax: 393.91€
Spinning Reel Shimano SUSTAIN FG
Spinning Reel Shimano SUSTAIN FG   Sustain has been a household name for years in the USA..
Ex Tax: 456.95€
Spinning Reel Shimano SEPHIA BB
SEPHIA BB The Sephia BB is the perfect reel for Squid fishing. Lightweight and super smooth, with..
Ex Tax: 218.46€
Spinning Reel Shimano SARAGOSA SW
        One of our latest additions to the Offshore Spinnin..
304.46€ 228.22€
Ex Tax: 228.22€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia SORON STX
SORÖN STX Deliberately overbuilt to give you the strength advantage. All Alu construction, HPCR® ..
Ex Tax: 151.98€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia CARDINAL SWI
CARDINAL SWI   This range of salt water resistant reels has been upgraded for 2010. Still..
51.85€ 47.78€
Ex Tax: 47.78€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia CARDINAL II SX
The new CARDINAL II SX from Abu Garcia-Japan is a basic reel model with more than excellent features..
53.88€ 50.32€
Ex Tax: 50.32€
Spinning Reel Abu Garcia CARDINAL II STX
CARDINAL II STX by Abu Garcia is one level up on a base model - CARDINAL II SX, mostly with the addi..
75.74€ 71.06€
Ex Tax: 71.06€
Saltwater reel Trabucco XPLORE SW
This strong, powerful reels features a small sized, light weight body entirely made of alumini..
Ex Tax: 238.39€
Fishing Reel Trabucco MANIAC
MANIAC Thanks to the structure made from aluminum, the Maniac offers an amazing display of streng..
Ex Tax: 155.03€
Fishing Reel Trabucco INVICTUS
The Invictus reel is just the last in time of this state of the art projects and is featuring many t..
Ex Tax: 190.61€
Fishing Reel Trabucco DAYTON SURF 6500
Interesting series of reels suitable for different fishing techniques in the sea. Despite the use of..
Ex Tax: 22.37€
Carp Reel Tica SPINFOCUS GS7000
SPINFOCUS GS • 4 капсуловани лагери от неръждаема стомана • Шпула от алуминиева сплав • Ком..
53.88€ 50.32€
Ex Tax: 50.32€
Big Game Reel Tica CYBERNETIC GG
CYBERNETIC GG • 8 precision stainless resistant ball bearing • Cybernetic Frame system..
94.04€ 87.93€
Ex Tax: 87.93€
The Tournament ISO is a high performance big pit reel designed for tougher, long distance carping oc..
Ex Tax: 450.00€
EXSENCE CI4+ The Exsence Ci4+ is hugely popular in Japan for Sea bass fishing. With a lightweight..
340.04€ 253.63€
Ex Tax: 253.63€
Pursuit II The Pursuit II is an upgrade of the successful Pursuit spinning reel. This new series ..
78.79€ 65.57€
Ex Tax: 65.57€
Front drag reel with HardBodyZ aluminum body. The Legalis convinces with its soft, smooth running an..
Ex Tax: 85.90€
The first thing you notice when you pick up the 16 Certate is its solid feel. The machined s..
495.57€ 431.53€
Ex Tax: 431.53€
  Classical and reserved in looks, yet bold in performance, few heavy-duty spin reels can mat..
589.61€ 533.69€
Ex Tax: 533.69€
The EXIST LT 2018 is the fruit of 60 years of innovation and a distillation of the latest Daiw..
Ex Tax: 701.43€
REVO MGX SPIN Lightweight, compact design built for the discerning angler. The MGX legacy continues..
Ex Tax: 231.27€
XENOS CX A really nice reel which combines the excellent gearing quality to a sporting, young d..
Ex Tax: 141.81€
VIRTUS A mix of experiences and technologies has given life to this high profile project, marked ab..
Ex Tax: 177.90€
SHARP In modern reels, the spool is not only the soul of the tool, but also draws the attention..
Ex Tax: 157.06€
AIRMAG If light weight is nice, then for sure the Airmag is beautiful! Featuring a super light ..
Ex Tax: 141.81€
AIRBLADE Nowadays it is quite hard to show something really new. But we strongly believe the Ai..
Ex Tax: 87.43€