Monofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150mMonofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150m
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Monofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150m Monofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150m Monofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150m

Monofilament Salmo SPECIALIST FEEDER - 150m

Brand: Salmo Salmo
Product Code: 4604
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Diameter Length Breaking strenght Image Price Quantity
4604-020 0.20mm 150m 3.85kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 3.85kg 3.31€
4604-022 0.22mm 150m 4.65kg Diameter: 0.22mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 4.65kg 3.31€
4604-025 0.25mm 150m 5.95kg Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 5.95kg 3.31€
4604-027 0.27mm 150m 7.30kg Diameter: 0.27mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 7.30kg 3.46€
4604-030 0.30mm 150m 8.50kg Diameter: 0.30mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 8.50kg 3.46€
4604-032 0.32mm 150m 10.05kg Diameter: 0.32mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 10.05kg 4.33€
4604-035 0.35mm 150m 11.80kg Diameter: 0.35mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 11.80kg 4.58€
4604-040 0.40mm 150m 14.70kg Diameter: 0.40mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strenght: 14.70kg 4.83€
A special fishing line for angling with feeders and pickers. High strength, a low stretch coefficient and softness are distinctive features of this fishing line series. The fishing line perfectly informs of all bites on the signal tip of the fishing rod. The fishing line colour is an alternation of black and red; spools are by 150m. The fishing line is resistant to UV radiation.
  • increased durability
  • low stretch coefficient
  • calibrated and smooth surface
  • softness
  • low residual “memory”
  • alternation of black and dark red colour

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