Hard Lure Xorus BAD BOYHard Lure Xorus BAD BOY
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Hard Lure Xorus BAD BOY

Brand: Xorus Xorus
Product Code: 20630362
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20630362 Color: Bait Fish, Weight: 39g, Length: 11cm, Top Water/Sinking Color: Bait Fish, Weight: 39g, Length: 11cm, Top Water/Sinking 35.08€
This is the latest lure from Xorus. It is a revolution when it comes to surface plugs, as in it sinks...backwards!! I found the best way to work the lure is with the reel, slow turns of the handle and then fast spins of the handle. This will make the lure wobble on the surface and then suddenly burst into life. If you are wanting it to sink then just stop winding and it will sink very quickly, then just start winding again and it quickly comes back up to the surface. The fact that it sinks backwards is amazing, if you are getting follows or boils behind the lure just stop winding for a couple of seconds and see what happens. Because it weighs 39g you will need quite a strong rod to use this lure, we tend to just lob it out and still manage to cast it further than any other plug.

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