Hard Lure Rapture PRO ASAMI Hard Lure Rapture PRO ASAMI
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Hard Lure Rapture PRO ASAMI

Brand: Trabucco Trabucco
Product Code: 186-93-0
Reward Points: 0
Color Weight Image Price Quantity
186-93-013 BP 7g Color: BP, Weight: 7g 3.56€
186-93-015 S 7g Color: S, Weight: 7g 3.56€
186-93-011 P 7g Color: P, Weight: 7g 3.56€
186-93-012 B 7g Color: B, Weight: 7g 3.56€
186-93-023 BP 14g Color: BP, Weight: 14g 3.82€
186-93-022 B 14g Color: B, Weight: 14g 3.82€
186-93-032 B 21g Color: B, Weight: 21g 4.02€
186-93-033 BP 21g Color: BP, Weight: 21g 4.02€
186-93-031 P 21g Color: P, Weight: 21g 4.02€
186-93-034 AN 21g Color: AN, Weight: 21g 4.02€
186-93-035 S 21g Color: S, Weight: 21g 4.02€
186-93-042 B 28g Color: B, Weight: 28g 4.83€
186-93-045 S 28g Color: S, Weight: 28g 4.83€
186-93-043 BP 28g Color: BP, Weight: 28g 4.83€
186-93-041 P 28g Color: P, Weight: 28g 4.83€
186-93-051 P 40g Color: P, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-053 BP 40g Color: BP, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-054 AN 40g Color: AN, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-055 S 40g Color: S, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-052 B 40g Color: B, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-056 RG 40g Color: RG, Weight: 40g 5.60€
186-93-064 AN 60g Color: AN, Weight: 60g 7.12€
186-93-066 RG 60g Color: RG, Weight: 60g 7.12€
186-93-061 P 60g Color: P, Weight: 60g 7.12€
186-93-063 BP 60g Color: BP, Weight: 60g 7.12€
186-93-062 B 60g Color: B, Weight: 60g 7.12€
The aerodynamic shape reduces air friction during launch while maintaining a stable flight, making this lure capable of reaching extreme distances. Asami Jigs also have excellent action in water and can be retrieved steady or slowly jigged. Ideal for fishing from the shore, from piers or rocks, as well as for fishing offshore close the surface or jigging. Seabass, jacks, trevallies and barracudas are between the spèecies that love this lures. All jigs come with original VMC hooks connected by a forged split ring for maximum strength.

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