Hard Lure GT Ice Cream CONEHard Lure GT Ice Cream CONE
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Hard Lure GT Ice Cream CONE

Brand: GT Ice Cream GT Ice Cream
Product Code: 93385
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Color Weight Length Image Price Quantity
933852 White 42.5g 9cm Color: White, Weight: 42.5g, Length: 9cm 21.30€
933853 White 56.7g 10cm Color: White, Weight: 56.7g, Length: 10cm 24.40€
933854 White 113.4g 11.5cm Color: White, Weight: 113.4g, Length: 11.5cm 32.03€
The GT Ice Cream Cone is a general, all-purpose plug for long surf-casting for surface feeding predators like stripers, roosters, tarpon, bluefish and all jack species, including GT’s. It works really well offshore for tuna, dolphin and other pelagics. It is best fished at a steady and slowish retrieve. The cone is the ultimate bluefish lure and will last a long, long time. Please refer to the Tips section for changing the hook to fish for toothy critters. The Cone is ideal in choppy conditions and works surprisingly well when slow trolled! The bleeding stinger helps keep your fish hooked and has a frayed tag to enhance the look of an injured baitfish.

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