Conector Stonfo Art.1Conector Stonfo Art.1
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Conector Stonfo Art.1 Conector Stonfo Art.1

Conector Stonfo Art.1

Brand: Stonfo Stonfo
Product Code: Art.1
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Size Image Price Quantity
926471 0.65mm Size: 0.65mm 0.72€
926470 0.70mm Size: 0.70mm 0.72€
926469 0.85mm Size: 0.85mm 1.28€
926468 1.0 Size: 1.0 1.02€
300441 1.25mm Size: 1.25mm 1.02€
300442 1.5mm Size: 1.5mm 1.02€
300443 1.8mm Size: 1.8mm 1.28€
300444 2.0mm Size: 2.0mm 1.28€
300430 2.3mm Size: 2.3mm 0.72€
300431 2.6mm Size: 2.6mm 0.67€
300484 3.0mm Size: 3.0mm 0.67€
The connector Stonfo is a device for attaching the line to the rod, easy to handle and very light. To fix the connector on the tip we recommend the use of a cyanacrylic(fast drop) glue.

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