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Fishing Reel FilStar TARGET RD
Fishing Reel FilStar TARGET RD A Filstar reel on an amazing price! Excellent characteristics: - 1..
Ex Tax: 8.04€
Spinning Reel Shimano SAHARA RD
The Sahara RD is the mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano qualit..
Ex Tax: 65.47€
Spinning Reel Shimano STRADIC GTM-RC
The pearl-white body cosmetic has become synonymous with Stradic, and the range is renowned for ..
140.90€ 129.51€
Ex Tax: 129.51€
POISON SSX Reel Poison SSS guarantees a good price quality ratio. Suitable for Carp, Roof and White..
Ex Tax: 10.83€
Spinning Reel Mitchell AVOCET RZ RD
Avocet RZ RD The Avocet RZ reels feature the same components as higher end reels but at a more affo..
Ex Tax: 28.42€
Reel Filstar FIGHTER 535
FIGHTER 535 • 4+1 bearings • Gear ratio - 5.2:1 • Aluminium spool • Anti-twist roller • Compute..
Ex Tax: 26.44€
Match Reel Filstar LEGEND HS RD
Reel made for match fishing. The shallow spool allows easier line uncoiling. Features: 6 Ball..
Ex Tax: 23.89€
Match Reel Salmo ELITE MATCH 8
A modern reel of MATCH series with the classic arrangement of the rear friction brake. The high prec..
Ex Tax: 83.87€
Match Reel Mitchell AVOCET MATCH R
AVOCET MATCH R The Avocet Match reels have been especially designed for modern match, float and sur..
Ex Tax: 35.08€
Spinning Reel Shimano ALIVIO RC
Shimano reputation for producing a high quality standard of inexpensive spinning reels, that would n..
Ex Tax: 34.57€
Spinning Reel Tica SPINFOCUS GT
SPINFOCUS GT • 6 sealed precision stainless steel rust resistant ball bearings • Aluminum alloy ..
34.57€ 32.02€
Ex Tax: 32.02€
Spinning Reel Shimano NEXAVE RC
Nexave RC has a blue colour scheme designed to complement the full range of Nexave rods, and is the ..
62.01€ 48.39€
Ex Tax: 48.39€
Spinning Reel Salmo DIAMOND LEEDER
Universal medium-speed fixed-spool reel. Equiped with the firm case and the spinner of graphite. The..
Ex Tax: 35.08€
UNIVERSAL 30 + line..
Ex Tax: 8.14€
Match Reel Mitchell AVOCET MATCH RZT FD
AVOCET MATCH RZT The Avocet Match reels have been especially designed for modern match, float and s..
Ex Tax: 70.15€
STRADIC CI4+ RA The new Stradic Ci4+RA features the very latest lightweight Ci4+ body material, a..
Ex Tax: 233.41€
Feeder Reel Salmo ELITE FEEDER 8
A powerful fishing reel for feeder fishing. Features a durable body and rotor made of carbon-filled ..
Ex Tax: 90.99€
Front drag reel with HardBodyZ aluminum body. The Legalis convinces with its soft, smooth running an..
Ex Tax: 85.90€