Braided Line Berkley WHIPLASH CRYSTAL - 110mBraided Line Berkley WHIPLASH CRYSTAL - 110m
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Braided Line Berkley WHIPLASH CRYSTAL - 110m

Brand: Berkley Berkley
Product Code: 13453
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Color Image Price Quantity
1345365 0.06mm 110m 10.6kg Crystal Diameter: 0.06mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 10.6kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345366 0.08mm 110m 12.3kg Crystal Diameter: 0.08mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 12.3kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345367 0.10mm 110m 14.1kg Crystal Diameter: 0.10mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 14.1kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345369 0.14mm 110m 18.3kg Crystal Diameter: 0.14mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 18.3kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345370 0.16mm 110m 19.8kg Crystal Diameter: 0.16mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 19.8kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345371 0.18mm 110m 21.9kg Crystal Diameter: 0.18mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 21.9kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345372 0.20mm 110m 26.4kg Crystal Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 26.4kg, Color: Crystal 28.47€
1345373 0.25mm 110m 37.8kg Crystal Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 110m, Breaking strength: 37.8kg, Color: Crystal	28.47€
Berkley® Whiplash® A super strong, thin braided multi carrier Superline that is ideal for all anglers that are looking for a no nonsense always performing Superline. For trolling, deep water jigging, Big Catfish, Carp or live bait fishing. All will work with Whiplash. New attractive packaging, adjusted run lengths for better full reel spooling make Whiplash ready for the next seasons to come.

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