Fluorocarbon Line Trabucco XPS ULTRA FC403 SALTWATERFluorocarbon Line Trabucco XPS ULTRA FC403 SALTWATER
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Fluorocarbon Line Trabucco XPS ULTRA FC403 SALTWATER

Brand: Trabucco Trabucco
Product Code: 053-39-
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
053-39-100 0.104mm 50m 1.56kg Diameter: 0.104mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.56kg 6.36€
053-39-120 0.125mm 50m 1.72kg Diameter: 0.125mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 1.72kg 7.07€
053-39-140 0.145mm 50m 2.26kg Diameter: 0.145mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.26kg 7.58€
053-39-160 0.164mm 50m 2.77kg Diameter: 0.164mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 2.77kg 7.88€
053-39-180 0.185mm 50m 3.45kg Diameter: 0.185mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 3.45kg 8.59€
053-39-200 0.201mm 50m 4.14kg Diameter: 0.201mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 4.14kg 9.10€
053-39-220 0.221mm 50m 4.74kg Diameter: 0.221mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 4.74kg 9.61€
053-39-240 0.242mm 50m 5.71kg Diameter: 0.242mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 5.71kg 10.42€
053-39-260 0.261mm 50m 6.92kg Diameter: 0.261mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 6.92kg 11.44€
053-39-280 0.282mm 50m 7.70kg Diameter: 0.282mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 7.70kg 12.15€
053-39-300 0.302mm 50m 8.30kg Diameter: 0.302mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 8.30kg 13.68€
053-39-330 0.330mm 50m 10.11kg Diameter: 0.330mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 10.11kg 15.71€
053-39-370 0.370mm 50m 11.79kg Diameter: 0.370mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 11.79kg 18.05€
053-39-400 0.400mm 50m 13.04kg Diameter: 0.400mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 13.04kg 19.78€
053-39-450 0.450mm 50m 14.70kg Diameter: 0.450mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 14.70kg 22.83€
053-39-500 0.500mm 50m 17.93kg Diameter: 0.500mm, Length: 50m, Breaking strength: 17.93kg 25.88€
053-39-600 0.600mm 30m 27.40kg Diameter: 0.600mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 27.40kg 30.96€
053-39-700 0.700mm 30m 33.06kg Diameter: 0.700mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 33.06kg 32.48€
053-39-800 0.800mm 30m 42.73kg Diameter: 0.800mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 42.73kg 41.94€
053-39-900 0.900mm 30m 48.38kg Diameter: 0.900mm, Length: 30m, Breaking strength: 48.38kg 48.55€
Beyond the extreme traction, a particularly hard life awaits the fluorocarbon in the marine environment: the harsh light, the aggressiveness of salt, the abrasions and the risk of cut by the fish teeth are key factors to its survival. For this reason, we have developed a proper solution to such problems, working around surface protection level: compared to the version with red label, the Saltwater offers a higher thickness of the third layer, which ensures an adequate response to the circumstances. The resistance values of knot strength are identical. In the diameters from 0,104 to 0,282 the line is wound on a very compact spool, in turn contained in a practical stiff clear box which has a rubber slot on one side, from which it can be removed without opening the case. From diameter 0,302 onwards, spools are much wider and are protected by a soft shell, which allow the extraction of the line without being opened.

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