Bite alarms sets

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Baitalarm Raven FAITH WICKED SET 3+1
Baitalarm Raven FAITH WICKED SET 3+1 Pack of water resistant alarms, which include movable limiters..
Ex Tax: 124.58€
Alarm Set FilStar FSBA-22
Alarm Set FilStar with a FSBA-22 Receiver A set of 3 alarms and a central station. The range of the..
Ex Tax: 63.39€
Alarm Carp Zoom ANTI-THEFT
ANTI-THEFT ALARM Useful alarm with motion sensor • 3-5m range • 100° beam angle • 30 sec delay..
Ex Tax: 17.69€
Bite Alarm JRC RADAR C4
JRC RADAR C4 Features: Bright LED tower 30 Second latching LED's Stepless adjustable volume, ton..
Ex Tax: 24.91€
Bite Alarm Set K-Karp PULSAR ADS MINI
PULSAR ADS MINI Perfect set of Pulsar electronic bite alarms and their dedicated receiver, forming ..
Ex Tax: 231.78€
Bite Alarm Set X2 BANDIT 3+1
Set of 3 alarms and remote control panel. Adjustable volume and sensitivity, can be switched on indi..
Ex Tax: 92.16€
Bite Alarm Set Raven FLAT HEAD Xs
The set includes 3pcs. ultra thin alarms and wireless central. Made of impact resistant ABS material..
Ex Tax: 130.48€
Baitalarm Fox MICRON MR + 3 Rod Set Blue
MICRON MR + 3 Rod Set Blue • 5mm blue LED • Based on original M+ alarm • Built-in I-Com Transmitt..
Ex Tax: 254.65€
Alarm Set FilStar FSBA-21
Alarm Set FilStar FSBA-21..
Ex Tax: 65.62€