Braided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125mBraided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125m
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Braided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125m Braided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125m Braided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125m

Braided Line Salmo Elite BRAID Yellow - 125m

Brand: Salmo Salmo
Product Code: 4805-0
Reward Points: 0
Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
4805-011 0.11mm 125m 4.35kg Diameter: 0.11mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 4.35kg 22.12€
4805-013 0.13mm 125m 5.90kg Diameter: 0.13mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 5.90kg 22.12€
4805-015 0.15mm 125m 7.45kg Diameter: 0.15mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 7.45kg 22.62€
4805-017 0.17mm 125m 9.80kg Diameter: 0.17mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 9.80kg 23.28€
4805-020 0.20mm 125m 14.10kg Diameter: 0.20mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 14.10kg 24.10€
4805-024 0.24mm 125m 17.60kg Diameter: 0.24mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 17.60kg 24.66€
4805-028 0.28mm 125m 20.80kg Diameter: 0.28mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 20.80kg 27.96€
4805-033 0.33mm 125m 26.10kg Diameter: 0.33mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 26.10kg 30.76€
4805-040 0.40mm 125m 36.20kg Diameter: 0.40mm, Length: 125m, Breaking strength: 36.20kg 33.96€
A high-quality braided fishing line with a round cross-section, made of durable DYNEEMA SK65 fibre. Due to the use of special fibre processing, the fishing line surface has become more “slippery”, which allows to achieve maximum distance when casting lures and considerably increasing its durability. The braid fishing line is notable for high braid density, low stretch coefficient and increased durability. The braid fishing line is highly sensitive and ensures permanent contact with the lure, regardless of the distance to it, which is very necessary for timely hooking. Its high strength allows thinner diameters of braid fishing line to be used, as well as the angling of big fish. Fibres of the braid fishing line are practically unsaturated with water, which, combined with special impregnation, makes fishing possible even in low temperatures. The yellow colour of this fishing line is very convenient for angling in open water not obstructed by ice, when an angler can more easily follow bites on the line; it is proven that big predatory fish do not respond to yellow colour in any way. Double “PALOMAR” knot is recommended for attaching lures.
  • high strength
  • round cross-section
  • increased durability
  • maximum distance of casting lures
  • longevity
  • all-season usage
  • bright yellow and green colour

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