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Brand: Sonubaits Sonubaits
Product Code: 926
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Aroma Weight Image Price Quantity
925592 Halibut 0.250l Aroma: Halibut, Weight: 0.250l 7.27€
925594 Strawberry 0.250l Aroma: Strawberry, Weight: 0.250l 4.41€
925595 CSL 0.250l Aroma: CSL, Weight: 0.250l 6.55€
926647 F1 0.250l Aroma: F1, Weight: 0.250l 7.83€
926649 Scopex 0.250l Aroma: Scopex, Weight: 0.250l 7.27€
928359 Supercrush Green 0.250l Aroma: Supercrush Green, Weight: 0.250l 6.56€
928360 Tiger Fish 0.250l Aroma: Tiger Fish, Weight: 0.250l 4.34€
931541 Bream Feeder 0.250l Aroma: Bream Feeder, Weight: 0.250l 7.27€
931542 Supercrush Krill 0.250l Aroma: Supercrush Krill, Weight: 0.250l 6.56€
931543 Monster Crab 0.250l Aroma: Monster Crab, Weight: 0.250l 5.19€
We offer a selection of well known and established fish catching flavours ideal for flavouring maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and groundbait. With all these flavours in the range it gives the angler more choices whilst fishing. The flavours can be added hours before fishing at home or they can be added on the water side to add that bit of extra flavour to pull the fish back into your swim if all has gone quiet. As with all of our range not only do the fish love ‘em but they are totally fish and fishery friendly too so you can use them with confidence wherever you go.

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