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Scale Filstar 50kg
Scale 50kg Компактен цифров кантар с дисплей до 50кг. Може да тегли в следните мерни единици - g,..
Ex Tax: $17.62
Mechanical scale Filstar HS833-A A 35 kg mechanical scale. Features: • Mechanical scales up to ..
Ex Tax: $5.92
Scale Rapala MINI DIGITAL 50lb
MINI DIGITAL SCALE 50lb The Mini Digital Scale measures up to 50 lbs. with precision accuracy. Po..
Ex Tax: $25.59
Scale Rapala MINI DIGITAL 25lb
MINI DIGITAL 25lb Simple and easy to use, this compact design is the perfect size for storing any..
$22.18 $20.69
Ex Tax: $20.69
Scale Rapala MECHANICAL 25lb
MECHANICAL SCALE 25lb No batteries required with this compact, top view mechanical scale. Weighs ..
Ex Tax: $10.23
Digital Scale Filstar HS03L Digital Scales 60kg. Overview: • Backlit screen for easy use in the..
Ex Tax: $5.92
Digital scale Filstar HS01L Electronic scale with convenient dimensions for one-handed grip. It has..
Ex Tax: $5.46
Scale Trabucco SMART DIGITAL
SMART DIGITAL SCALE For any angler, checking the weight of the fish caught, before releasing it, it..
Ex Tax: $12.51
Scale Raven MINI 25kg
Raven MINI 25kg Compact and extremely accurate, the 25kg. ..
Ex Tax: $11.78
SPORTSMAN'S DIGITAL SCALE 50lb Compact and extremely accurate, the 50lb. Digital Scale offers h..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Scale Rapala RCD Clock
Clock style scale Rapala RCD with mechanical mechanism, suitable for measuring up to 12 kg. ..
Ex Tax: $19.10
Scale FAITH 50kg
With Faith weighing scale we weigh the fish easily and accurately. By turning the adjusting screw on..
Ex Tax: $20.30