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Fishing Reel FilStar TARGET FD
Fishing Reel FilStar TARGET FD A Filstar reel on an amazing price! Excellent characteristics: - 1..
Ex Tax: 8.49€
VARIVAS is a lube for final protection and maintenance of braided lines, which is specially develope..
Ex Tax: 16.72€
Spinning Reel Shimano CATANA FC
  The striking red colour of the Catana FC makes an aggressive statement for anglers who..
52.86€ 45.54€
Ex Tax: 45.54€
Spining reel equipped with high-quality ball bearings to ensure smooth gear movements. It is made of..
12.71€ 11.33€
Ex Tax: 11.33€
Spining reel equipped with high-quality ball bearings to ensure smooth gear movements. It is made of..
Ex Tax: 5.44€
Fishing Reel Filstar PREMIER 4G FD
Fishing reel suitable for spinning and match fishing. 4+1 bearings Anti-reverse ..
Ex Tax: 15.76€
Spinning Reel Ryobi SLAM
We're proud that our fishing products have long been recognised as innovative and clever and we ..
110.30€ 75.73€
Ex Tax: 75.73€
Spinning Reel Shimano SAHARA RD
The Sahara RD is the mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano qualit..
73.70€ 70.45€
Ex Tax: 70.45€
Spinning Reel Shimano CAZNA FA
The Cazna FA front drags are quality spinning reels at affordable prices. With two models in 2500 ..
Ex Tax: 44.12€
Spinning Reel Ryobi ECUSIMA Vi
Spinning Reel Ryobi ECUSIMA Vi   Ryobi is a Fishing Equipment company with a worldwide reputat..
40.15€ 36.14€
Ex Tax: 36.14€
Spinning Reel Shimano STRADIC GTM-RC
The pearl-white body cosmetic has become synonymous with Stradic, and the range is renowned for ..
Ex Tax: 140.79€
Spinning Reel Shimano SEDONA FI
The beautifully designed Sedona FI is the lowest priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shi..
64.04€ 87.53€
Ex Tax: 87.53€
Spinning Reel Shimano EXSENCE CI4+
EXSENCE CI4+ The Exsence Ci4+ is hugely popular in Japan for Sea bass fishing. With a lightweight..
Ex Tax: 340.54€
Fishing Reel Filstar TWIN SPEED
TWIN SPEED   FilStar TwinSpeed is a 2 speed reel with SG11F - 6+1BB. It has an aluminum s..
40.15€ 38.32€
Ex Tax: 38.32€
Spinning Reel Trabucco PRECISION FDR
PRECISION FDR Series of very valuable reels, made with graphite body and rotor. Extremely relia..
Ex Tax: 28.97€
Spare Spool Filstar SALTMASTER
Spare metal spool for fishing reel Filstar SALTMASTER. ..
Ex Tax: 4.78€
Sea Reel Filstar BLACK SHADOW
Spinning reel suitable for both - salt- and freshwater fishing. 8 SSS ball bearings All bear..
Ex Tax: 61.20€
Fishing Reel Filstar SALTMASTER
Spining reel for saltwater fishing. Specifications:  5 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing whi..
Ex Tax: 43.51€
Fishing Reel Filstar NERO
Reel made for match fishing or predators fishing Features: 1 bearing Gear ratio: 5.2:1 Me..
Ex Tax: 13.22€
Corrosion Inhibitor Ardent REEL GUARD
Ardent Reel Guard Corrosion Inhibitor is a breakthrough in chemical engineering that inhibits corros..
8.59€ 7.83€
Ex Tax: 7.83€
Line stopper for multiplier. It is mounted with a screw that replaces one of the side plate’s screw...
Ex Tax: 20.07€
Spinning Reel Shimano SPHEROS SW
​​​​​​   The Spheros SW is Shimano's entry level saltwater spinning reel and contains many..
174.34€ 174.34€
Ex Tax: 174.34€
Fishing Reel Shimano STRADIC FK
STRADIC FK   The extremely durable Hagane gear in the Stradic FK provides excellent efficiency..
Ex Tax: 219.37€
Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER
TWIN POWER   Shimano’s legendary Twin Power reels are back — stronger and faster than before, ..
579.94€ 463.95€
Ex Tax: 463.95€
GOBLIN SVS Reel Goblin SVS guarantees a good price quality ratio. Suitable for Carp, Roof and Whi..
Ex Tax: 11.44€
Fishing Reel Shimano NASCI FB
NASCI FB   The Nasci FB sets new standards in the hugely popular P4 series. For the first ti..
Ex Tax: 120.26€
Spinning Reel Salmo BLASTER SUPER 1 FD
A good budget advance reel. Made of robust and impact-resistant plastic. Suitable as beginners for f..
Ex Tax: 10.17€
Spinning Reel Penn SPINFISHER V
Spinfisher V The Spinfisher series is already for more than 50 years the ultimate workhorse in the ..
126.56€ 119.44€
Ex Tax: 119.44€
Fishing Reel Shimano STRADIC CI4 PLUS FB
STRADIC CI4 PLUS FB   The totally renewed Stradic CI4+ can be considered to be a real treat fo..
Ex Tax: 237.87€
Spinning Reel Shimano TECHNIUM FD
  The Technium FD offers high specification and reliable performance at a mid-price poin..
184.00€ 140.89€
Ex Tax: 140.89€
Spinning Reel Shimano SAHARA FI
The new Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point. Incorp..
Ex Tax: 85.39€
Spinning Reel Shimano FX
A reel from a low price range, but with astounding characteristics. Equipped with one bearing + a ba..
Ex Tax: 26.94€
Spinning Reel Shimano ALIVIO RC
Shimano reputation for producing a high quality standard of inexpensive spinning reels, that would n..
Ex Tax: 34.56€
Spinnig Reel Shimano NAVI 2016
The Shimano NAVI 16 is one of the budget reel series designed and perfectly suited for saltwater fis..
Ex Tax: 96.06€
Reel Lubricant Ardent REEL BUTTER OIL
A high performance synthetic product specifically designed for fishing reels, Ardent Reel Butter Oil..
Ex Tax: 7.83€
Fishing reel Shimano EXAGE RC
Exage is the top P4 rear drag model and exudes quality with a visually stunning metallic platinu..
99.62€ 91.08€
Ex Tax: 91.08€
Fishing Reel Lube Ardent Lubrication Kit  Pack
Provides complete lubrication system in a single package. Lube Pack Contains: 1pcs. Reel Butter ..
Ex Tax: 20.59€
Fishing Reel FilStar AGGRESSOR RD
Excellent spinning reel with rear drag. Seven ball-bearings. Strong metal body and an aluminum spool..
Ex Tax: 18.30€
Surf Reel Trabucco ALIOTH SURF
New Surf Casting family featuring very good performance for a very interesting price point. The body..
Ex Tax: 76.24€
Spinning Reel Trabucco DYNAMIC XTC FD
DYNAMIC XTC FD Developed to offer the benefits of the oversized spool to a wide audience, this se..
Ex Tax: 25.92€
Spinning Reel Shimano SIENNA FE
The Sienna FE is a general purpose all round fishing reel that can be used for small trout and preda..
Ex Tax: 40.15€
Spinning Reel Shimano HYPERLOOP FB
  Spinning Reel Shimano HYPERLOOP FB   The Hyperloop features classical styling along w..
Ex Tax: 22.36€
Spinning Reel Shimano BIOMASTER SW-A
      For anglers wanting a value for money salt water reel, the..
502.38€ 397.07€
Ex Tax: 397.07€
Spinning Reel Salmo SNIPER SPIN 4 RD
Elegant, multipurpose medium speed Fishing reels. The reel bodys and rotors are made of Graphite. Th..
Ex Tax: 23.38€
The reel has a quality front drag. Strong drive gears prevent vibration and excessive noise. The ree..
Ex Tax: 13.93€
Ardent Reel Butter® Reel Supreme is a liquid microlube containing suspended dry lubricant with a..
Ex Tax: 12.50€
Last technology synthetic oil engineered specially for oiling fishing reels used in saltwater. Speci..
Ex Tax: 11.69€
Reel Grease Ardent REEL BUTTER
A high-performance synthetic product specifically designed for fishing reels, Ardent Reel Butter Gre..
Ex Tax: 7.83€
Reel Cleaner Ardent KLEEN
Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner is a chemically-engineered solvent specifically developed for regular clea..
Ex Tax: 8.64€
Fishing Reel Lubricant Ardent BEARING LUBE
Ardent Reel Butter® Bearing Lube utilizes the latest in lubrication engineering technology. It p..
8.64€ 7.68€
Ex Tax: 7.68€
Fishing Reel Filstar ZODIAK
Features: 5+1 Ball bearings Anti-revers system Gear ratio: 5.2:1 Мetal spool Spare graph..
Ex Tax: 26.43€
Fishing Reel FilStar STRINGER LC 3000 RD
Characteristics: - BB 6 - Anti-Rivers System - + colored metal LONG CAST spool - Handle with e..
Ex Tax: 22.87€
Baitcasting Reel Filstar STING 103L
Excellent casting multiplier with 7 + 1 bearings snd  a weight of only 215g. It is suitable for both..
Ex Tax: 57.49€
Spinning Reel Shimano STELLA SW-B
STELLA SW-B   The STELLA SW focuses on absolute power. To achieve it, toughness, cranking powe..
660.25€ 650.08€
Ex Tax: 650.08€
Spinning Reel Shimano SARAGOSA SW
        One of our latest additions to the Offshore Spinnin..
317.67€ 304.97€
Ex Tax: 304.97€
Spinning Reel Shimano EXSENCE BB
Exsense BB offers quality and performance typical for the top-class reels. The sensitive front d..
230.76€ 207.88€
Ex Tax: 207.88€
Spinning Reel Salmo SNIPER SPIN 5 RD
Elegant, multipurpose medium speed Fishing reels. The reel bodys and rotors are made of Graphite. Th..
Ex Tax: 24.91€
Spinning Reel Penn CONFLICT
CONFLICT   The Conflict spinning reel is lightweight, smooth, and sleek. The Conflict is desig..
126.56€ 96.06€
Ex Tax: 96.06€
SEA QUEST 81194 Reel Case designed to hold and protect reel. Made from neoprene with the padded int..
Ex Tax: 9.25€
Fishing Reel Trabucco LEGACY RD
Here is the Legacy second edition, a family of reels that confirmed to be able to amaze all the an..
Ex Tax: 25.92€
Fishing Reel Shimano ULTEGRA XS-D
ULTEGRA XS-D   The Ultegra XS-D will immediatly catch the eye of the avid surf angler because ..
Ex Tax: 209.92€
Fishing Reel Shimano TWIN POWER SW-B
TWIN POWER SW-B   The new Twin Power SW-B features a Shimano Hagane body and main gear with X-..
Ex Tax: 553.61€
Spinning Reel Trabucco SWAT XS
The Trabucco team is developing since years a sophisticated project that gave birth to reels o..
167.73€ 137.23€
Ex Tax: 137.23€
Spinning Reel Trabucco AURIS EVO FA - SPOOLED
   Spooled with XP-Line Phantom   New wide series of reels offering a good solution for style..
Ex Tax: 15.25€
Spinning Reel Trabucco AURIS EVO FA
  New wide series of reels offering a good solution for style of fishing at a very competitiv..
Ex Tax: 13.22€
Spinning Reel Tica SPLENDOR SJ
SPLENDOR SJ • 6 sealed precision stainless rust resistant ball bearings • Al..
78.27€ 72.68€
Ex Tax: 72.68€
Spinning Reel Tica SPINFOCUS SU
SPINFOCUS SU • SUS Ball Bearing precisioned in key areas throughout the reel • Fo..
99.62€ 95.05€
Ex Tax: 95.05€
Spinning Reel Shimano SIENNA RD
Spinning Reel Shimano SIENNA RD The Shimano Sienna RD provides longer casts and reduced backl..
Ex Tax: 40.66€
Spinning Reel Shimano NEXAVE RC
Nexave RC has a blue colour scheme designed to complement the full range of Nexave rods, and is the ..
62.01€ 48.39€
Ex Tax: 48.39€
Spinning Reel Salmo SNIPER SPIN 5 FD
Elegant, multipurpose medium speed Fishing reels with front (FD) friction brakes. The reel bodys and..
Ex Tax: 24.91€
Spinning Reel Ryobi ZAUBER
Spinning Reel Ryobi ZAUBER   Ryobi is a Fishing Equipment company with a worldwide reputation ..
Ex Tax: 80.82€
Spinning Reel Mitchell 310 PRO
Mitchell 310 PRO • 10 bearings with an instant anti-reverse for smooth operation • Innovative ..
Ex Tax: 69.63€
Baitrunner Reel Shimano DL FA
Fishing Reel Shimano Baitrunner DL 4000FA   Since their introduction, the small sized Bai..
Ex Tax: 118.43€
Spinning Reel VANQUISH FA
VANQUISH FA The highly anticipated Vanquish sets a new standard in the lightweight front drag spi..
536.59€ 507.77€
Ex Tax: 507.77€
Spinning Reel Trabucco QOSMIO CX
QOSMIO CX The Qosmio project is really interesting and it is made of two sizes, a 3000 and a 40..
Ex Tax: 44.22€
Spinning Reel Tica STRUNNA SN
STRUNNA SN • 8 sealed precision stainless rust resistant ball bearings • Alu..
74.21€ 68.62€
Ex Tax: 68.62€
Spinning Reel Tica LIBRA GB
• 4 pcs precision ball bearings • Auminum alloy spool • Computer designed balanced rotor to mi..
44.73€ 43.71€
Ex Tax: 43.71€
Spinning Reel Shimano STRADIC Ci4+ FA
  The new Stradic CI4+ FA features the very latest lightweight CI4+ body and AR-C lightweight..
273.45€ 213.48€
Ex Tax: 213.48€
Spinning Reel Shimano STELLA FI
STELLA FI   Hidden beneath the graceful, flowing lines of the new Stella is a combination of S..
517.93€ 507.77€
Ex Tax: 507.77€
Spinning Reel Salmo DIAMOND LEEDER
Universal medium-speed fixed-spool reel. Equiped with the firm case and the spinner of graphite. The..
Ex Tax: 35.07€
Spinning Reel Salmo Blaster Mini 1
Budget reel Salmo Blaster Mini 1 20FD, designed primarily for beginners. They can also be used succe..
Ex Tax: 7.57€
Spinning Reel Penn PURSUIT II
Pursuit II The Pursuit II is an upgrade of the successful Pursuit spinning reel. This new series ..
78.78€ 65.57€
Ex Tax: 65.57€
Spinning Reel Penn BATTLE II
BATTLE II With the same full metal body and drag system you trust, the NEW BattleII has been engi..
116.40€ 89.96€
Ex Tax: 89.96€
Spinning Reel Mitchell 310
Mitchell 310 With a body shape made from extremely strong advanced polymeric material which is st..
49.81€ 40.15€
Ex Tax: 40.15€
Penn CLEANER 12oz
Cleaner Using a proprietary technology and formula that we acquired in 2011, our oil, grease, and..
Ex Tax: 11.69€
Multiplier Salmo DIAMOND TROLL 2
DIAMOND TROLL 2 A powerful, high-quality multiplier reel is intended for trolling, fishing by cas..
Ex Tax: 45.24€
Multiplier Maxel TRANSFORMER
TRANSFORMER   Maxel TRANSFORMER, which has the following characteristics:   Leve..
Ex Tax: 490.99€
Spinning Reel Trabucco XPLORE GT
To expansion and evolution of the Xplore and Xplore Match reel’s range, Xplore GT model has been dev..
Ex Tax: 108.26€
Spinning Reel Trabucco REIZ SXT RD
  A wide and very versatile reels range, suitable both for various sea and freshwater fi..
50.32€ 40.26€
Ex Tax: 40.26€
Spinning Reel Tica TAURUS TP SILVER
TAURUS TP SILVER • 14 precision stainless steel ball bearings. • Forged aluminium alloy spool. ..
Ex Tax: 156.65€
Spinning Reel Tica TALISMAN TBAT
TALISMAN TBAT • 14 sealed precision stainless Rust Resistant Ball bearings. • Aluminiu..
239.91€ 231.27€
Ex Tax: 231.27€
Spinning Reel Tica SPINFOCUS GT
SPINFOCUS GT • 6 sealed precision stainless steel rust resistant ball bearings • Aluminum alloy ..
34.56€ 32.02€
Ex Tax: 32.02€
Spinning Reel Tica SPINFOCUS GS
• 4+1 precision ball bearings • Aluminum alloy spool • Computer balanced rotor ..
39.65€ 36.60€
Ex Tax: 36.60€
Spinning Reel Tica ARIES GR
• 5+1 precision ball bearings • Auminum alloy spool • Computer designed balance..
51.84€ 47.78€
Ex Tax: 47.78€
Spinning Reel Shimano ULTEGRA FB
The totally new Ultegra FB provides excellent efficiency and strength because of the extremely durab..
Ex Tax: 148.01€
Spinning Reel Shimano ULTEGRA 2012
The Shimano ULTEGRA 2012 series has become the standard for many anglers practicing long fishing tou..
172.31€ 151.97€
Ex Tax: 151.97€
Spinning Reel Shimano TWIN POWER XD
TWIN POWER XD Twin Power XD is developed for salt water spinning. The reel is made for 'rough' ..
Ex Tax: 362.20€
Spinning Reel Shimano SUSTAIN FG
Spinning Reel Shimano SUSTAIN FG   Sustain has been a household name for years in the USA..
Ex Tax: 456.94€
Spinning Reel Shimano SEPHIA BB
SEPHIA BB The Sephia BB is the perfect reel for Squid fishing. Lightweight and super smooth, with..
Ex Tax: 218.46€
Spinning Reel Shimano NEXAVE FD
The Nexave FD has already been a massive success since it’s launch in 2014. The new dark b..
65.57€ 52.66€
Ex Tax: 52.66€