Fluorocarbon Line K-Karp XTREME - 1000mFluorocarbon Line K-Karp XTREME - 1000m
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Fluorocarbon Line K-Karp XTREME - 1000m

Brand: K-Karp K-Karp
Product Code: 198-33
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
198-33-280 0.286mm 1000m 9.80kg Diameter: 0.286mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 9.80kg 24.91€
198-33-300 0.309mm 1000m 11.95kg Diameter: 0.309mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 11.95kg 27.96€
198-33-350 0.354mm 1000m 15.80kg Diameter: 0.354mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 15.80kg 33.04€
198-33-400 0.405mm 1000m 21.15kg Diameter: 0.405mm, Length: 1000m, Breaking strength: 21.15kg 35.08€
The XTREME Fluorocarbon is the ultimate choice for the allround carpers, offering an ultra low visibility and the ultimate camouflage. By using the latest line extrusion technology, XTREME exhibits outstanding suppleness with the stiff wiry feel often found on super tough reel lines. The fluorocarbon coating adds weight to the line for a superb sinking action, high knot strength and increased the abrasion resistance for fishing in heavy weed or snaggy swims, all combined with a low stretch and memory free. Whilst the super smooth surface aids casting distance and accuracy.
All The Xtreme lines are sold within a tin to guarantee the line extra protection and enable the line to be kept in a permanent darkness and out of direct sunlight as well as to provide the line with a constant level of humidity. Always remember to return the unused line to the tin and store away from heat and direct sunlight. To maintain the line in pinpoint conditions please always remember to wipe your line with a damp cloth at the end of every session, this will remove any debris and increase the lifetime. Please take extra care when loading your XTREME line onto your reel’s spool, always allow the spool to spin freely when loading into the reel, applying a good level of resistance by gently trapping the line between your fingers or loading the line from a warm bucket of water thus to reset any memory coils, giving you a perfectly filled reel’s spool.

Suggested Knots: Double Grinner / Albright Special / Grinner / Half Blood / Palomar


Each spool is labelled every 200m for the maximum accuracy when loading your monofilament into the reel. This will allow you greater flexibility when partially loading your spools and give you the indication of how much line you’ve left.

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