Ice Drill Rextor BLASTIce Drill Rextor BLAST
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Ice Drill Rextor BLAST Ice Drill Rextor BLAST Ice Drill Rextor BLAST Ice Drill Rextor BLAST Ice Drill Rextor BLAST Ice Drill Rextor BLAST

Ice Drill Rextor BLAST

Brand: Salmo Salmo
Product Code: REXTOR BLAST
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Diameter Weight Length Transport length Image Price Quantity
BLAST-110 110mm 2.4kg 1.47cm 78cm Diameter: 110mm, Weight: 2.4kg, Length: 1.47cm, Transport length: 78cm 60.49€
BLAST-130 130mm 2.7kg 1.47cm 78cm Diameter: 130mm, Weight: 2.7kg, Length: 1.47cm, Transport length: 78cm 65.57€
The Rextor Blast ice drill have a classic folding structure and are available in two diameters: 110 and 130 mm. The rotation of the Ice Drill is counterclockwise, as opposed to the spin of the Scandinavian ice drills. Another major difference is rolling forged knives with a "flat" grinding design. Quality blades of high hardness steel, the sharpness will be long lasting and if you hit it the sand, knives can be sharpened in field conditions using conventional sandpaper. Ice Drill is painted in a pleasant bright lemon yellow color and is always clearly visible on white snow or ice. Their sturdy construction is welded in a carbon dioxide environment. The stitches are clean, free of spots and no cracks. The external impression of the welds is extremely positive. Varnish coating - powdery, reliable, with a pleasant shine. The folding head is made up of two main components: handles and auger with a cutter. Grasshopper is firmly attached to the working position and easily folds. Convenient to carry, keeping the handle. The pressure plate in the middle is 3mm thick. The clamping nut is enlarged, making it possible, without unnecessary effort, to secure the icing of the ice cube in working order. The bottom of the steel nut ensures reliable contact with the pressure plate and does not break down during operation. One of the most basic nodes, consists of a sturdy stamped steel plate to which the knives and bolts are attached. It should be noted and the perfectly chosen angle of attack knives when drilling ice, the knife will not jam in idle and will not clamp in the ice. Knives are forged, made of high quality 65G steel with additional volume curing. Knives are of a complicated configuration but sharpened in one plane. It is very comfortable and allows home without special training, if necessary, fix them or sharpen them. This can be done directly in time fishing, using plain sandpaper. The knife holes allow all Russian blades of Russian production of the same size to be mounted. Therefore, you will not have any trouble changing the knives. To protect the blades and for safety reasons, the cutting unit is closed with a plastic cover. The lid has a bright orange color and is clearly visible in the snow and will be hard to lose. It keeps the knives very tight and reliable, always during transport will remain in place. In addition, when transporting the ice drill for fishing, a protective cover of strong synthetic fabric is placed on the cutting part. The screw is firmly made of one sheet of steel. Its length is optimal for any ice thickness. It can be noted that the base of the helix which is welded to the central tube is thicker than along the perimeter of the outer part. The screw is therefore very durable, ensuring the reliability and durability of the entire construction. While working to bend it, you will have to "work". The welded seams of the screw with the pipe are interrupted, but this does not weaken the construction in any way. The handle with spaced hands allows you to drill ice evenly, making every effort to handle, allowing you to physically use the power of your hands. The handles are very comfortable - rubberized, with a surface that prevents gliding in glove.

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