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Pliers For Rings Shimano CT-542P
Multi-function pliers for easy opening of rings. Made of wear-resistant stainless steel ..
31.52€ 29.02€
Ex Tax: 29.02€
Shot Pliers Stonfo art.19
Shot Pliers A double tool in one. One end of the tool is used to remove all sizes of shot and the o..
Ex Tax: 7.32€
Shot Pliers Filstar AV1820
A double tool in one. One end of the tool is used to remove all sizes of shot and the other end is u..
Ex Tax: 1.53€
SALT ANGLER'S HEAVY DUTY SPLIT RING PLIERS Offset tool design makes fast work of changing out split..
Ex Tax: 16.22€
SALT ANGLER'S PLIERS Specially crafted saltwater fishing pliers designed to last years of faithful ..
Ex Tax: 13.17€
Pliers case FRICHY - X90
Pliers case X90..
Ex Tax: 7.48€
Pliers Berkley MULTI TOOL
MULTI TOOL   The Berkley Multi-Tool is a must have for all fishermen. It contains 13 diff..
Ex Tax: 29.99€
RIMP TOOL - TPCRP9.5 Extremely good crimping pliers for all size bushings. ..
Ex Tax: 29.13€
RAGE PLIERS NTL032 When you have to change a treble hook on your bait this is the tool you must h..
Ex Tax: 11.95€
RAGE BRAID CUTTERS NTL021 A pair of scissors and pliers combined. With this tool you can cut, wit..
Ex Tax: 13.22€
Fishing Pliers Rapala RAPL8
RAPL8 • Toughened ergonomic aluminum • Curved design for comfort and working in tight areas • S..
35.58€ 29.89€
Ex Tax: 29.89€
Fishing Pliers Frichy FPMF06F
Extremely durable pliers made from the highest quality aluminium and steel. They are treated for  su..
Ex Tax: 22.83€
Fishing Pliers Frichy - X11
Fishing Pliers X11 • Multi-functional jaws • Selected aviation class aluminum • 3X Harder-Than-St..
Ex Tax: 41.99€
Pliers Berkley PDQ 1345108
Berkley pliers with a line clipper. Multifunctional and made from stainless steel. Very easy and com..
Ex Tax: 8.39€
Pliers Abu Garcia SPLIT RING
SPLIT RING Abu Tools, a range of professional tools that help make the whole fishing experience mor..
Ex Tax: 11.95€
Pliers Abu Garcia LONG NOSE BEND
LONG NOSE BEND Abu Tools, a range of professional tools that help make the whole fishing experience..
Ex Tax: 11.95€
Multifunction Pliers Salmo H-7010
Multifunction Pliers..
Ex Tax: 11.19€
Shot Pliers art.592 Very strong shot plier specially designed for big shots. One end of the tool is..
Ex Tax: 17.08€
Narrow Gripping Nose provides excellent control and reach for work in tight places.Tough carbon stee..
Ex Tax: 11.19€
SALT ANGLER'S DOUBLE LEVERAGE 9 Get a superior edge when removing hooks, crimping and more with a 6..
Ex Tax: 41.63€
SALT ANGLER'S DOUBLE LEVERAGE 8 Design delivers 60% more power for cutting large hooks, line & lead..
Ex Tax: 41.63€
SALT ANGLER'S PLIERS 11 Designed for years of reliable service, these pliers are made of durable ca..
Ex Tax: 20.29€
Pliers FRICHY - FLG05
Fishing Pliers FLG05 • Constructed from aluminum • Perfect anodized surface,  with hollowed-out de..
Ex Tax: 17.29€
NIPPER TOOL Robust and durable pliers for cutting monophilic and fluorocarbon fibers or thin wire. ..
Ex Tax: 11.75€
Fishing Pliers Penn BULL NOSE - 20сm
PENN® Parallel Pliers provide toughness in an ergonomic and corrosion resistant package. A stain..
Ex Tax: 62.01€
Fishing Pliers Penn BULL NOSE - 16.5сm
PENN® Bull Nose Pliers are rigged and ergonomic. Designed from corrosion resistant stainless steel a..
Ex Tax: 50.22€
Crimp Tool DeLux Crimping tool for various accessories for leaders. These high quality pliers are r..
Ex Tax: 46.26€
Straight pliers.   Size: 13cm Color: silver ..
Ex Tax: 5.90€