Carp leaders

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Monofilament Team Salmo MICRON - 50m
The assortment of next generation fishing line includes minimal diameters; therefore it is well-..
Ex Tax: 6.00€
Another special version of the T1 series, specific for the use in commercial carp fisheries. It ..
Ex Tax: 8.64€
Hooklink K-Karp DT EAZY STRIP - 16m
Braided line covered with an easily removable sheath of PVC has exceptional resistance to abrasion a..
Ex Tax: 6.10€
Lead Core K-Karp Dyna Tex
DT Lead Core is set up using Dyna Tex in two different main colors: Weed and Camo. It is notable for..
Ex Tax: 6.10€
Braided Hooklink K-Karp DT ELUSIVE - 20m
This is an exceptional ultra soft braided line. It present two sinking types, Fast and Slow , and tw..
Ex Tax: 4.07€
Coated Hookling Korda N-TRAP SOFT - 20m
Although the original Hybrid hook links had many followers, the Korda product development team thoug..
Ex Tax: 21.25€
Monofilament Salmo GRAND RAIDER - 30m
A modern monofilament fishing line made of high-quality nylon. It is made at a specialized facto..
Ex Tax: 2.03€
Fluorocarbon Line Berkley TRILENE - 50m
TRILENE FLUOROCARBON 50m 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material, Professional Grade. Finally, a 100% f..
11.69€ 10.93€
Ex Tax: 10.93€
Braided Line Korda SUPER NATURAL - 20m
It was about time that we released a supple braided material and finally we have – bring in the Supe..
Ex Tax: 16.26€
Braided Hooklink Traper EXCELLENCE Removable Skin
EXCELLENCE   Excellence braided lines were manufactured under the newest technology of co..
Ex Tax: 15.76€
Fluorocarbon Leader Duel POWERCARBON SHOCK LEADER - 50m
FLUOROCARBON 100% / 50m High-tenacity & strength formula to absorb shock from PE line. Easy ty..
Ex Tax: 13.52€
Fishing Line Lubricant Ardent LINE BUTTER CONDITIONER
Ardent Line Butter Conditioner is the next generation in line management and protection. Line Butter..
Ex Tax: 10.17€
Braided Hooklink Sufix HEAVY CORE
Brilliant and innovative knitted fiber with excellent diameter. It sinks very fast and does not have..
Ex Tax: 9.91€
Fishing Line Carp Spirit GRAVITY SSL
Manufactured by Sufix, Gravity SSL is a high-density, super-flexible, easy-to-splice Lead Core. Its ..
Ex Tax: 11.94€
Fishing Line Carp Spirit CAMO SKIN
Manufactured by Sufix, the Camo Skin bottom line consists of a braid outer shell with a rigid fluoro..
Ex Tax: 13.93€
Braided Line Lazer DACRON
High quality braided line. Colour white-green. Available on 50m spools with diameter 0,40 on 50m. ..
Ex Tax: 3.56€
Braided Hooklink Sufix ARMA CORE
Sufix 832 Arma Core® is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market. R8 Precision..
Ex Tax: 16.37€
Leadcore Korda KABLE LEADCORE - 7m
The Weed/Silt Kable has been designed for use over the sort of choddy, weedy, silty lake beds that t..
Ex Tax: 9.96€
Fox EDGES Submerge Leaders 30lb
Each leader is 75cm, spliced at both ends and fitted with a size 7 swivel which is attached via the ..
Ex Tax: 9.45€
Braided Hooklink Sufix HEAVY CORE CAMO
Brilliant and innovative knitted fiber with excellent diameter. It sinks very fast and does not have..
Ex Tax: 8.95€
Hooklink K-Karp XTREME STIFF SKIN - 16m
K-Karp XTREME STIFF SKIN is the ultimate link for big continental carp! The outer coating combined w..
Ex Tax: 12.96€
Chod Filament Korda MOUTHTRAP - 20m
Mouthtrap has been designed to create the ultimate stiff rig in an easy, hassle-free manner. During ..
Ex Tax: 9.35€
Leadcore K-Karp DT HI-GRAVITY - 10m
The best environment friendly alternative to leadcore! It splices extremely well, producing strong l..
Ex Tax: 13.57€
Hooklink K-Karp XTREME SOFT SKIN - 16m
K-Karp XTREME SOFT SKIN is highly abrasion resistant coated link, with a soft inner 8 strands braide..
Ex Tax: 13.57€
Fluorocarbon Line K-Karp FLUOROCARBON - 20m
This brand new fluorocarbon is made with a high density copolymer which gives great resistance to ab..
Ex Tax: 8.89€
Fishing Line Carp Spirit RE-ACTION BRAIDE
Manufactured by Sufix, Re-Action is an ultra soft and fast sinking braid, ideal for use with soluble..
Ex Tax: 6.81€
Manufactured by Sufix, Herculine is extremely flexible line, perfect for all types of mounting, espe..
Ex Tax: 15.35€
Fishing Line Carp Spirit HERCULINE
Manufactured by Sufix, Herculine is extremely flexible line, perfect for all types of mounting, espe..
Ex Tax: 7.27€
Fishing Line Carp Spirit BALISTIC
Manufactured by Sufix, Ballistic is an extremely abrasion resistant braid with a neutral density. It..
Ex Tax: 10.32€
Submerge is a heavy, supple, fast sinking leadless leader which can be spliced like leadcore and is ..
Ex Tax: 18.86€
Nylon Line Drennan SHOCK LEADER
A tough and very abrasion resistant olive and fluorescent yellow coloured nylon, spooled especially ..
Ex Tax: 4.32€
Hooklink K-Karp DT 3X Link - 20m
K-Karp DT 3X is the toughest link perfect in the most extreme conditions, such as gravel bars or in ..
Ex Tax: 13.22€
Fluorocarbon Line E-S-P GHOST - 20m
• Pure fluorocarbon not just a fluorocarbon coating. With the same light refractive index as wa..
Ex Tax: 8.64€
Coretex Matt features a soft supple inner sinking braid with a specially formulated easy to strip ma..
Ex Tax: 19.37€
Braided Leader Korda ARMA-KORD - 20m
Arma-Kord is an incredibly abrasion resistant braided line, which is also supple and thin for its st..
Ex Tax: 20.99€
Braided Hooklink Sufix ARMA SKIN
Extremely fast sinking line made of 4 GORE® Performance threads and 4 Dyneema® threads. It has uniqu..
Ex Tax: 20.64€