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Smell Additives Traper 250g
SMELL ADDITIVES Specialist smell additives for carp family fish, having intensive smell and taste..
Ex Tax: 3.05€
Dip Traper - 60ml
Strongly concentrated scent mixture with polysaccharides and amino acids for soaking all kind of bai..
Ex Tax: 3.16€
Dip Traper EXPERT - 150ml
The newest series EXPERT DIP is consist of fully professional products manufactured of top class ing..
Ex Tax: 5.19€
Concentrated scent in atomizer Traper ATOMIX - 50ml
Concentrated scent in atomizer for carp family fish and predators. When you spray Atomix on bait you..
Ex Tax: 3.51€
Liquid attractor Traper AROMAS - 250ml
Package suffices for 5 to 7 kilos of groundbait. Dilute with water 1:1. ..
Ex Tax: 5.44€
Dip Traper Method Feeder 50ml
Strongly concentrated scent mixture with polysaccharides and amino acids for soaking all kind of bai..
Ex Tax: 3.00€
Dip Spray Traper METHOD FEEDER
Concentrated scent in spray for attracting carp family fish. Atomize it on bait such as maggot, redw..
Ex Tax: 3.82€
Traper DIP SPRAY - 50ml
Dip spray is purposed for bait spraying. This dipping method enables quick smell addition just befor..
Ex Tax: 3.82€
Liquid AttractorTraper AROMATIX GOLD 600ml
AROMATIX GOLD Liquid competitive attractor for carp family fish groundbait. Package suffices for ..
Ex Tax: 7.58€
Dip Carp Zoom AMINO
High concentration of amino acids that will make the bait extremely attractive. ..
Ex Tax: 2.70€
Dip Filstar 120g
Dip for boilies can be used to enhance the attractiveness of your bait. They do not dissolve PVA pro..
Ex Tax: 3.51€
Dip Powder Traper EXPERT - 70g
Scent concentrate for powdering bait such as: seeds, worms, boilies etc. ..
Ex Tax: 3.82€
Powder Filstar 60g
Powder for boilies are designed to keep the aromas of your bait at the bottom longer. The baits that..
2.65€ 2.64€
Ex Tax: 2.64€
Powdered Additives Respect - 200g
Powdered Additives Package 200g ..
Ex Tax: 1.99€
Attractor Carp Zoom EXPRESS - 50ml
 EXPRESS ATTRACTOR Easy to use and effective aroma liquids in handy plastic bottles. One bottle i..
Ex Tax: 1.28€
Dip Carp Zoom CATFISH - 130ml
CATFISH DIP The dips combine the best seductive flavours to attract any choosey catfish. ..
Ex Tax: 3.92€
Groundbait Van Den Eynde CATCH
This groundbait was designed with attracting carp, carassio and also bream in mind. CATCH is espe..
Ex Tax: 3.46€
PLASMA DIP The Plasma Dip stays on the bait much longer than regular dips thanks to the gel-like,..
Ex Tax: 3.87€
FC SWEET FEEDER DIP Qucik dissolving dip developed for feeder fishing with betaine. Using top gra..
Ex Tax: 2.80€
Attractant Dynamite Baits DB THE SOURCE LIQUID
DB THE SOURCE LIQUID ATTRACTANT The Source Liquid Additive uses all of the same top secret ingred..
Ex Tax: 12.15€
Antibacterial Spray Carp Zoom FISH FIRST AID - 50ml
FISH FIRST AID If you are one of the ‘catch and release’ sportsmen and you are anxious about the fi..
Ex Tax: 3.97€
Powder Dip Carp Zoom TURBO - 80g
TURBO POWER DIP We improved the well known and popular Powder Dip. All the original features are e..
Ex Tax: 3.92€
Dip Hristo Carp 60ml
Dip that scent and create a cloud around your bait - irresistible to fish. A set of sweeteners, flav..
3.05€ 3.05€
Ex Tax: 3.05€
Sonubaits ACTION DIP
Action dips have been specially formulated using natural ingredients and extracts to be the most pot..
7.73€ 5.98€
Ex Tax: 5.98€
Our original XL liquid attractants offer the perfect boost for pellets, groundbait, maggots, corn or..
Ex Tax: 6.10€
Robin Red needs no introduction so adding it to our Premium CSL made total sense – it’s based on the..
Ex Tax: 13.88€