Bite alarms

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Bite Indicator Filstar FBA16
This bite alarm has the next futures: 4 levels to adjust the sensibility 4 levels f..
Ex Tax: 10.68€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA14
The bite indicator has next futures: Adjustable tone Adjustable level of sound ..
Ex Tax: 6.10€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA11
This bite indicator has next futures: CMOS control 8 levels for sensitivity, volume..
Ex Tax: 9.66€
Snag bar Carp Zoom ILLUMINATED
ILLUMINATED SNAG BAR • Suitable for use during the day and at night • Lightweight design with me..
Ex Tax: 8.04€
Stiff Hanger Dream Fish
Stiff Hanger This hangers have a sliding weights to allow the angler to regulate the line tension..
Ex Tax: 4.99€
Swinger Traper SELECT
Swinger indicator with arm made from stainless steel and clip with fluent regulation and safety coun..
Ex Tax: 7.12€
Bite Indicator Raven MASTER BLASTER
Bite indicator in camouflage color. Control the tone Control the strength of the so..
Ex Tax: 8.80€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA1
Bite Indicator Filstar. Adjust the sensibility Control the tone Control the..
22.37€ 18.50€
Ex Tax: 18.50€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-25
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-25..
Ex Tax: 6.10€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-24
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-24..
Ex Tax: 5.75€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-23
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-23..
Ex Tax: 8.85€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-22
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-22..
Ex Tax: 8.54€
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-21
Bite Indicator Filstar FBA-21..
Ex Tax: 8.85€
Bite Indicator CHARGABLE FBA2
Waterproof bite Indicator Filstar with rechargeable accumulator batteries  400mAh, 3.7 V Co..
Ex Tax: 17.69€
Bite Alarm Raven Deluxe Carp 1
Compact bite alarm with adjustable settings for sensitivity, tone sound and sound volume. Works with..
Ex Tax: 7.02€
Bag Shimano BUZZER BAR
Storage bag for buzzer bars and carp indicators. The soft walls protect your accessories. ..
Ex Tax: 19.22€
Swinger Traper PROGRESS
New generation bite indicator equipped with twilight sensor - it starts to illuminate after twilight..
Ex Tax: 13.02€
Bite Indicator JRC RADAR C3
RADAR C3 • Designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured in the EU • Bright travellin..
Ex Tax: 57.95€
Swinger Traper EXPERT 2
Newest illuminated bite indicator with four colour diodes: green, blue, red and yellow. Equipped wit..
Ex Tax: 12.10€
3+1 Traper SELECT - Set of bite indicators with receiver
Select Bite Indicator set consists of three indicators and a receiver. The maximum range of the set ..
Ex Tax: 123.01€
The Fox RX+ alarms have set the bar for bite alarms, being the most advanced alarms ever created! Fo..
Ex Tax: 607.24€
Bite Indicator Raven MICROBITE
Bite indicator for rod, with one blue led indicator and three batteries (included). ..
Ex Tax: 5.55€
Bite Alarm Set Raven FLAT HEAD Xs
The set includes 3pcs. ultra thin alarms and wireless central. Made of impact resistant ABS material..
Ex Tax: 130.48€
Baitalarm Raven FAITH WICKED SET 3+1
Baitalarm Raven FAITH WICKED SET 3+1 Pack of water resistant alarms, which include movable limiters..
Ex Tax: 124.58€
Alarm Carp Zoom ANTI-THEFT
ANTI-THEFT ALARM Useful alarm with motion sensor • 3-5m range • 100° beam angle • 30 sec delay..
Ex Tax: 16.17€
The bite indicator has next futures: 2.5 mm additional jack Battery: 1x12 V Model: ..
Ex Tax: 8.14€
Set of 3 alarms and remote control panel. Adjustable volume and sensitivity, can be switched on indi..
Ex Tax: 92.16€