Braided Line Team Salmo TIOGA MULTI COLOUR - 150mBraided Line Team Salmo TIOGA MULTI COLOUR - 150m
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Braided Line Team Salmo TIOGA MULTI COLOUR - 150m

Brand: Team Salmo Team Salmo
Product Code: TS5016-0
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Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
TS5016-013 0.132mm 150m 4.20kg Diameter: 0.132mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 4.20kg 33.50€
TS5016-015 0.153mm 150m 4.60kg Diameter: 0.153mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 4.60kg 33.50€
TS5016-017 0.171mm 150m 5.40kg Diameter: 0.171mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 5.40kg 33.50€
TS5016-019 0.191mm 150m 6.80kg Diameter: 0.191mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 6.80kg 33.50€
TS5016-020 0.209mm 150m 10.10kg Diameter: 0.209mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 10.10kg 33.50€
TS5016-024 0.242mm 150m 12.00kg Diameter: 0.242mm, Length: 150m, Breaking strength: 12.00kg 33.50€
A colour PE cord with extra dense braiding of 4 strands, ensuring the highest smoothness and durability. The cord has five bright colours interchanging every 10 metres, which ensures visual control over the casting distance and the distance at which the bites of the fish occur. It is produced at a diameter of 0.132 to 0.242 mm, with the breaking load of 4.2 to 12 kg. The fishing line is unreeled onto hich-tech spools Doughnut of 150 metres. The fishing line is produced and unreeled at a specialised factory in Japan.
High durability
Calibrated cross-section
Enhanced wear-resistance
Maximum casting distance of the lure
Control over distance, where bites occur
High sensitivity

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