Braided Line Lazer ELITE 8 MultiBraided Line Lazer ELITE 8 Multi
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Braided Line Lazer ELITE 8 Multi

Brand: Lazer Lazer
Product Code: 94240
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Diameter Lenght Test Image Price Quantity
942398 0.08mm 150m 6.5кг Diameter: 0.08mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 6.5кг $22.17
942399 0.10mm 150m 7.3кг Diameter: 0.10mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 7.3кг $22.17
942400 0.12mm 150m 8.3кг Diameter: 0.12mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 8.3кг $19.89
942401 0.15mm 150m 11.3кг Diameter: 0.15mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 11.3кг $18.19
942402 0.18mm 150m 12.9кг Diameter: 0.18mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 12.9кг $15.92
942403 0.20mm 150m 17.2кг Diameter: 0.20mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 17.2кг $15.66
942404 0.23mm 150m 19.6кг Diameter: 0.23mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 19.6кг $15.92
942405 0.28mm 150m 23.6кг Diameter: 0.28mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 23.6кг $15.92
942406 0.30mm 150m 26.9кг Diameter: 0.30mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 26.9кг $15.92
942407 0.33mm 150m 33.3кг Diameter: 0.33mm, Lenght: 150m, Test: 33.3кг $15.92
8-threaded Elite Braid fiber in a new color - multicolour. It has an extremely tight braid that makes the cross section of the fiber round. The fiber is very strong, durable and resistant to abrasion. It has 5 colors that change over every 10 meters.

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