Braided Line Gosen W 4PLY MULTI 300mBraided Line Gosen W 4PLY MULTI 300m
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Braided Line Gosen W 4PLY MULTI 300m Braided Line Gosen W 4PLY MULTI 300m

Braided Line Gosen W 4PLY MULTI 300m

Brand: Gosen Gosen
Product Code: 934
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No PE Diameter Length Breaking strength Image Price Quantity
934095 1.0 0.171mm 300m 5.6kg No PE: 1.0, Diameter: 0.171mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 5.6kg 31.51€
936669 1.2 0.187mm 300m 6.8kg No PE: 1.2, Diameter: 0.187mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 6.8kg 31.31€
934096 1.5 0.209mm 300m 7.7kg No PE: 1.5, Diameter: 0.209mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 7.7kg 29.48€
934097 2.0 0.242mm 300m 11.3kg No PE: 2.0, Diameter: 0.242mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 11.3kg 26.43€
934098 2.5 0.270mm 300m 13.0kg No PE: 2.5, Diameter: 0.270mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 13.0kg 29.18€
934099 3.0 0.296mm 300m 15.5kg No PE: 3.0, Diameter: 0.296mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 15.5kg 29.18€
934100 4.0 0.342mm 300m 20.4kg No PE: 4.0, Diameter: 0.342mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 20.4kg 29.48€
934748 5.0 0.382mm 300m 25.0kg No PE: 5.0, Diameter: 0.382mm, Length: 300m, Breaking strength: 25.0kg 30.60€
With over 50 years of experience, Gosen is one of the leading manufacturers of lines in Japan. Until now, these lines were reserved for a small number of users, but they are already available in Europe. Gosen W is a quality braided line, which easily achieves long distance casting, offers exceptional sensitivity and durability. The line is in 5 different colors that changes in every 10 meters. This allows you to accurately measure the distance of the throw and calculate how far the fish are or how deep are they when fishing with vertical jigs.

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