Additive Traper EXPERT - 200gAdditive Traper EXPERT - 200g
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Additive Traper EXPERT - 200g

Brand: Traper Traper
Product Code: 01101
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Aroma Weight Image Price Quantity
01101 Betain 200g Aroma: Betain, Weight: 200g 7.07€
01111 Artemia 200g Aroma: Artemia, Weight: 200g 10.12€
01120 Bloodworm 200g Aroma: Bloodworm, Weight: 200g 9.61€
All animal origin additives of Expert ADDITIVE are roughly crushed. You can find thick particles of crustacea, insects, grubs etc. Ensure highly attractive look of ready products such as boilies, pellets or groundbait. As a result of Expert Additive use you gain baits that are much closer to naturally living underwater.
The substance extracted from crustacea, plants and yeast – flour. It is a perfect natural attractant improving digestion. Wide range of purposes. Can be used for mixes, groundbait. Use between 2 - 5 gr for 1 kg.
Arthemia cyst – brick-red colour flour with great succes used for aquarium fish feeding. For angling purposes it can be used for mixes, groundbait.
Unbelievably nutritive additive with high protein value. Wide range of purposes. Use up to 10%.

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