Additive Sonubaits LAVAAdditive Sonubaits LAVA
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Additive Sonubaits LAVA

Brand: Sonubaits Sonubaits
Product Code: 9378
Reward Points:
Aroma Weight Image Price Quantity
937851 Pineapple 50g Aroma: Pineapple, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937335 Bloodworm 50g Aroma: Bloodworm, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937336 F1 50g Aroma: F1, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937337 F1 Green 50g Aroma: F1 Green, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937338 Krill 50g Aroma: Krill, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937340 Cheesy Garlic 50g Aroma: Cheesy Garlic, Weight: 50g 8.59€
937339 Code Red 50g Aroma: Code Red, Weight: 50g 8.59€
This sticky additive creates a plume of flavour in an around your chosen bait, wafting carefully balanced scent and colour in the immediate surroundings. The liquid itself is denser than water, meaning it stays around your baited area, keeping fish interested where it matters most, your hook bait!

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